Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, Wassalatu Wassalamu Ala Rasulullah

By the sheer grace and mercy of Allah (Ta’ala), based out of Flushing , NY, USA, a servant of Allah underwent a journey to establish this site in July 2009. The purpose of this site is to bring the ummah valuable information via the internet in venues such as mp3 bayans, lectures & articles, etc. Such information that will enable us to keep ourselves charged up with the correct spirit of Imaan and A’mal.

We should keep in mind that this is definitely not the main source to help us strengthen Imaan and seek the knowledge of Islam. That can only be achieved when we make practical struggle in the path of Allah and meet and sit with Ulema. Islam, knowledge (ilm) and the spirit of Imaan & A’mal spread via movement and not being stable at one location. We have to seek and look back at Rasulullah and the Sahabah and adapt their methods. The internet can only help us and should definitely not be a primary source.

Please support us by making immense duas, not only for us, but for the guidance of whole ummah.

Feel free to use any information, mp3s, articles, etc from the site.
May Allah reward and accept us all.

Haroon Ahmed


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